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video storytelling proposal.


putting futurebound on the map through creative storytelling.

The goal with this project is to come up with a number of creative pieces of video content designed for Futurebound’s social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Throughout the conference, we’ll be interviewing leaders who are paving the future of child development and recap some of the most extraordinary moments from throughout the event.

We’ll also be chatting with program leaders about the specifics of the Futurebound program, including the $30,000 investments that they put into programs, the support they receive from the community, and how all of that blends in with the mission of creating a greater impact throughout the Colorado community.

The goal will ultimately be to shine light a new light upon the Futurebound and the impact that it’s making on early childhood development and education throughout Colorado and beyond through creative (and fun) storytelling.


 project details.



  • Create awesome, fun, and creative videos showcasing the impact that Futurebound makes through its summit and leadership events.

  • Drive applications for Futurebound’s grant programs.

  • Telling the story of Futurebound through its events and by capturing short snippets from its leadership, including Sarabeth and others.

  • And turning Futurebound into more a household name ala Denver Startup Week — where childhood development and education leaders all around the world are familiar with the summit and want to attend, every year.


  • November 12-15.


  • You get my personal passion, all in on this project. As well as my team’s creative efforts in ensuring that this project is an absolute smash hit.

  • I only take on projects that align with our core values. I absolutely love causes like Futurebound that help influence the future of education and child development, and try to fill gaps in education that result from


Why us?


We explain complicated things simply. 

The reason why you came to us is because of our ability to capture and explain things that are often really, really complicated — like, estate planning, or, rocket science — in simple terms.

For reference, refer to one of our recent client videos:

The videos that we’ll be executing for Futurebound will look like something more along the lines of this recap that I recently did for Denver Startup Week…

“The investment paid for itself within the first few months, easy.”

Mike's work has helped me save hours a week, and doubled my close rate for clients who have seen my videos. The investment paid for itself within the first few months, easy.

— Matt McCune, McCune Legal.

Videos are expensive. We work with our clients to ensure that our videos actually drive people towards a specific action, and that they pay off.

Another one of our recent clients — Ari Zelmanow — regularly sees up upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 views a week on their content just through LinkedIn, resulting in massive exposure to their brand, and dozens of new client development opportunities per week.

That exposure has been powerful in helping him connect with big influencers on the LinkedIn platform that help lend more credibility to their brand.


 the total project commission



ONE PRICE quotes.

The proposals we create are one price. This includes any expenses we might incur in hiring, travel, editing, transcribing videos, etc.

A rough cost + hourly breakdown is as follows:

~$3200-$4000 — to hire a professional videographer with equipment for 4 days during the conference.

~$3000 — about 20 hours of editing, at $150/hr.

~$3750 — about 25 hours of travel, shooting, and planning that will go into the production during the week, at around $150.

Total: $9950.

We’ll need your help.

Before, during, and after, we’ll need to coordinate interviews with several of the attendees and speakers throughout the conference, and will want to create tons of amazing content through that process.


  • A pre-summit promo video designed to help drive applications for the $10,000 award program (less than 60 seconds).

  • Three (3) interview videos with top summit speakers.

  • Five (5) short recap 30-60 second blurbs throughout the summit designed to describe key aspects of the event.  

  • Acceleration Lab venture video (2-3 minutes).

  • Summit recap events from Nov. 12-15th for social media (2-3 minutes).

  • Closed captioning of each of the videos.

  • And work closely with your branding team to align to branding standards.


Next steps - assuming we’re all on the same page, are to…

  1. Set a date for our introductory storyboarding call so we can map out the exact content that we’ll need to capture.

  2. Sign our working agreement.

  3. Pay the 50% deposit for the project.