Mike Kilcoyne | Video Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

5 Minutes to Convince Smart, Savvy Investors to Invest in Your Company.*

Every month, we invite just 4 startups around the country pitch their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs, accredited investors and VC's, in front of an audience of potential customers. Think you've got what it takes to win? Submit your application below for a chance to compete in the next pitch event in your area.

*Investment not guaranteed. Booze is, though.


Here's what to expect at one of our pitch battles. Hold onto your hats. 


Some of the things we say.

  • Show us your soul, not your valuation.  Zero to One ideas or whether or not your company is seeing 10X growth don't impress us, either. We want stories. Tell us yours. 

  • Go the extra 10%. We want to help you connect with the people you need to grow your company. That's hard. The difference between connecting with that hard to reach person and not is usually just a few percentage points of effort. (And other platitudes.) 

  • "Build the cart. The horse will come." We believe in launching things before you feel ready. In asking for the sale even if the idea only feels half-baked. And that the best educator is, like, hard-work. 

  • Don't be a s**t-head. Arrogance is off-putting. You know how Planet Fitness has those 'lunk alarms' when people drop weights? We don't have that, but that would be a good idea. 


Our team - all over the world.


Matt Holmes - Co-founder, Chief Frown Officer.

Matt started Startup Fuse in a garage in his basement in his house. Now, he oversees event partnerships around the country. 

Conquer_Confidence_083 (1) (1).jpg

Mike Kilcoyne - Co-founder, Partnerships. 

Mike's an expert at stealthily inserting uncomfortable Breaking Bad references into every pitch event. 


Satish Mani - Co-organizer, CEO Redcloud Systems.

When Satish isn't connecting badass entrepreneurs with investors, he's helping companies fix all of their IT ails. 


Marlee Peters - Co-organizer, CEO at Odin Ventures. 

When Marlee isn't crushing Red Bulls (just kidding, she doesn't do that), she's helping companies find their next cofounder, create kickass marketing campaigns and launch awesome businesses. 

"Try is the opposite of hiding." 

- Seth Godin

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Our sponsors.

These are people who have supported us, given us their hard-earned cash money and just been generally awesome, over the years. 


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